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Ozark Actors Theatre
Summer 2024

The hills are alive with a murder most foul! Wait... what?! I'm excited to be joining Ozark Actors Theatre this summer for their productions of The Sound of Music & Clue: On Stage! It will be such a joy to bring a both of these shows to life. I'm quite excited to revisit the role of Wadsworth too!



Clue & Sound of Music Announcement.jpg

Renaissance Theaterworks
Spring 2024

This spring I have the pleasure to announce that I will be working with Renaissance Theaterworks for a staged reading of Black Bear Island by Karissa Murrell Myers. The staged reading will occur on May 18, 2024 as a part of Renaissance’s BR!NK New Play Festival!



Renaissance Theaterworks Announcement Website.jpg

An Improv Team
Spring 2024

More improv?! Yes! I’ll be taking the stage with a new improv group in Chicago! (GISHGGHAAB) Grandpa! I SAID HOWDY, GRANDPA! (Grandpa’s Hearing Aids Are Broken). Our first show will be at the Bughouse Theater on Saturday 5/4/24 at 5pm.


Hope to see you there!


Fundamental Skill Issue Poster.jpg

IO Improv
Spring 2024

Creating Character! I had a blast this spring working with Eddie Pina at the IO Theater taking the Level 2 Character Class. I had to joy to work with some of my close friends Zack, Chloe, & Michael, and I made plenty of new ones along the way!



IO Level II 1.jpg

Dream Team talent
Spring 2024

I'm excited to announce that I am joining Dream Team Talent!​ This is a wonderful opportunity as I continue to grow in my career.

Here's to the auditions to come!


Dream Team.JPG


Testing 1 2 3... I am continuing to work on VoiceOver projects in the year! Always fun to create a variety of fun characters with different voices!



VO Announcement.png

The Polar Express
Winter 2023

All aboard! My next stop will be at the Polar Express at St. Louis Union Station for the holidays. Come see me conduct this coming winter.

Performances: Nov-Dec 2023


Excited to spread the Christmas spirit!


Polar Express.jpg

The Mousetrap
Fall 2023

Up next! The mystery continues for me with The Mousetrap at Myers Dinner Theatre (Hillsboro, IN). Catch me as Detective Sergeant Trotter in this thrilling Agatha Christie murder mystery.

Shows: Wed/Fri/Sat/Sun Oct 20-Nov 4 2023


Come solve the case this Fall!


Mousetrap - Myers Dinner Theatre Web.jpg

New Headshots
summer 2023

I had the opportunity to work with Nico Fernandez at A Little Photo Studio to get some new headshots. It was a joy getting to work with him!

Cole Hintz Headshot 2.jpg

Summer 2023

I participated in the YoungLiars Summer Training Festival 2023. Over the course of a week, I worked with some incredible artists to train in Yoga, Viewpoints, Red Nose Clown, & Suzuki. 


Summer 2023

This Summer! You can catch me performing at Tent Theatre (Springfield, MO) in their production of Ken Ludwig's Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery as Clown 1! My role is comprised of 10+ characters with various different accents. (Ranging from British RP to Scottish to Swedish & more!)

Shows: July 7-8 & 10-14

Hope to see you at the theatre!


Baskerville Review

"Mayberry, Nash and Hintz help make the small-cast production seem larger than life, each playing multiple roles. Mayberry plays six different characters. Nash plays 14 and Hintz plays 10."

-Greta Cross, Springfield News-Leader

Baskerville Poster.jpg
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